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Cats & Small Animals


Following a free initial consultation, our home visit service offers tailored care for your beloved feline or small pet at home. Whether away on holiday or just out for the day, this service is perfect for clients who feel their pets would be happier in their own homes, providing a great alternative to catteries and other services requiring your pet to be moved from familiar surroundings and routines.

During our home visits we will provide your pet with fresh food & water, change litter or bedding as instructed and of course supply loving and caring human companionship (with lots of cuddles and fuss to those who want it!). Caged animals can also be given the opportunity for supervised exercise to relieve boredom and improve health and happiness.  

If required, our twice daily visits can also include additional services such as watering plants, bringing in the post, putting out bins, opening and closing curtains and turning lights on and off to give your home a ‘lived in’ look. These extra free services can be discussed during the initial consultation.

During our visits we will ensure any and all litter trays, hutches, cages, tanks & terraniums are clean and fresh

We will clean all bowls and provide fresh food and water

We will give your pet lots and lots of attention and TLC. 

If required we can ensure house plants are watered, bins are taken out, curtains are opened & closed and lights are turned on or off

We will leave your house clean & safe and your pet feeling happy & loved!



One visit per day: £10

Two visits per day: £15

Small Animals

One visit per day: £8

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