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Senior Dog


Pop in Visits


Senior dogs have different care requirements to their younger canine companions, as they get older a dog’s physical and emotional needs begin to change and they start to favour comfort and routine. Because of this we offer a tailored Senior Dog service to help meet the needs of your elderly dog whilst you are out. Our pop in house visits offer your dog the opportunity for regular toilet breaks, routine feeding and lots of extra love and attention to keep them satisfied and content until your return.

As with people, dogs slow down with age, as part of our senior service we can provide slower and shorter solo walks perfect for senior dogs who struggle to keep up with the fast pace of group walks. Depending on your dog’s needs these walks are adapted to suit age, characteristics and abilities. Not only providing the opportunity to stretch their legs during the day, these short walks are beneficial in reducing the risk of obesity and help to keep your senior pooch happy and healthy.

During our visits we will ensure any accidents and mess created by your dog in your absence are cleaned up ready for your return

Your dog will frequently be let outside for chances to relieve themselves
(reducing the chance of accidents inside)

We will clean all bowls and provide fresh food and water

We will give lots and lots of attention and TLC. Cuddles, tummy tickles & back scratches included!

If requested we can take your dog on a short walk to stretch their legs and explore new sights and smells

We will leave your house clean & tidy, and your senior pooch feeling happy & loved!


Short Solo Walks:
£5  (15 mins), £10 (30 mins)


House Visits:
£10 (30 mins),  £18 (1 hour)

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